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What Is Good Parenting?

Before the turn of the last century, to parent a child simply meant to bear. Around 1960 the term took on very different meaning – the meaning we know today – which is not surprising since words shift in their meaning all of the time. What is surprising is the weight this word has come to embody.

Of course it’s impossible to pin the turning point of when what was known simply as child-rearing became Parenting, but it’s time to make some sense of what Parenting means today.

In the U.S., the U.K. and Western Europe it’s easy to spot what is considered “bad” parenting. Just ask any mother who has been shamed on YouTube or any parenting blog. But is it really that simple? And if it’s easy to spot what bad parenting looks like, what does good parenting look like?

In the film “What is Good Parenting?” we will interview parents, children, and parenting experts to stitch together a mosaic, which, we believe, will show that good parenting comes in all shapes and sizes, that good parenting is not so simple to spot, and that good parenting is definitely not a one-size-fits all endeavor.

Interviews with parents and children will provide the color commentary, while parenting experts will supply the background of how we got here today along with what all of these parenting styles – everything from Free Range Kids to Helicopter Parents – mean for the future of parenting.

Please join us for the journey.