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General categories of what we do.

Websites. Videos. Voice-overs. Documentation. Communication. When you or your firm is looking to create a website, video, or even basic documentation there are two questions that always need answering: What are you trying to say, and to whom do you want to say it?

bent spoon Media doesn’t just make websites, or produce videos, or write documentation, we also help you answer those two questions, insuring the best results for your communication dollars.

Video Production

From concept to completion (pre-production to post) bent spoon Media can assist you with any phased of your video project.

Corporate Video

Want to make online compliance training more engaging? Need to grab capture the attention of potential clients? Does your CEO have messaging that needs to be distributed throughout the enterprise? Corporate video is much more than it used to be. The trick is in making it do what you want it to do. bent spoon Media will help you make sure your video works for you.


Make simple images and text come alive with voice-overs. When dealing with media, every additional element — images, text, video, music — helps to communicate more information effectively, and the voice-over is no different. bent spoon Media has all of the tools and resources to produce radio-quality voice-overs in-house, on-time, and under budget.

eLearning Development

Online training is old news, but the tools for producing eLearning keep advancing every day, lowering the barrier to entry for even the smallest enterprise. bent spoon Media can assist you with everything from concept to distribution.


It seems so old-school, but practically all of the communication referred to on this site begins with text on a page (or a screen). The printed word has been one of the most effective communication tools for millennia. Leverage your printed words for everything from clean, clear, concise process documents, to highly involved technical training manuals.