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A video production company based near Hartford, CT.

Welcome to bent spoon Media, LLC, a video production company based near Hartford, CT.

bent spoon was an offshoot of Groundswell Development, a business-to-business documentation and website development company based in Boston, MA from 2000 until 2003. After building over 100 websites for small business owners, and three large contracts with what were then Mellon Bank, and Bank of America, the two founders of Groundswell Development parted ways: one went to work for one of Groundswell’s clients, and the other, RJ Lavallee, began bent spoon Media with a handful of Groundswell’s prior clients: clients that bent spoon Media retains today.

bent spoon Media operated as an Assumed Name company in California from 2006 until 2011. After moving to  Minnesota with his family in 2011, RJ Lavallee officially incorporated bent spoon Media, LLC.

Now that RJ has returned to the East Coast, the company is based near Hartford, CT.

Corporate services

Video Pre-production

Script concept development
Script writing
Location scouting

Video Production

Voice Overs

Video Post-production

Video Editing
Preparation for distribution

eLearning Development

Script writing
Course Development
Voice Overs
Preparation for distribution over corporate networks


It seems so old-school, but practically all of the communication referred to on this site begins with text on a page (or a screen).